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Ageism affecting older people.
Caring for older people
Healthy living in old age
Doulas for the dying? New practice of doulas for the dying
How ‘Guarding your heart’ (Proverbs 23:4) could help to avoid dementia How guarding your heart, physically and emotionally, can help prevent dementia
The best Christmas gift for people coping with dementia Visiting a Person with Dementia
Worshipping Together - a new resource Worshipping Together - a new resource
How to stop elderly people being poisoned by overly strong medication?
God's amazing 'foolishness' uses older people to change lives God uses older people's characters to impact on others' lives just by being themselves
Is it really a compliment to say you look young for your age? Backhanded compliments for seniors that are ageist.
Thank you Christian Resources Exhibition! Our presence at Christian Resources Exhibition was a blessing to many visitors, as they were to us!
Are you walking this weekend?
Bad news is hiding good stories Bad news hiding good stories about care homes.
Dementia: Pathways to Hope, and a study in a Welsh Valley shows the way.
A dying, elderly lady blesses the lives of thousands God has a purpose for each purpose, right to the end of their lives.
Saying 'I need you' to a senior on World Suicide Prevention Day Yesterday was World Suicide Prevention Day.  The World Health Organisation's figures show that every second someone commits suicide – one per second!  Most of them are male, and certain groups are at higher risk of taking their lives.
Don’t ever think that you are not ‘useful’! 
Purpose in old age? God has it all stitched up!
A Gospel-Centered Guide to End-of-Life Medical Care
Living a genuinely fulfilled life
An extraordinary woman Did you see ITV West’s news clip of Dr Jennifer Bute?  When I saw it I thought, not for the first time, how easy it would be to assume that she doesn’t really have dementia.
Stories that show the way through dementia Yesterday, Dr Jennifer Bute and I were interviewed for a Podcast that’s broadcast from America. (I’ll post the broadcast date when I have it.)This is a Podcast with a difference. It’s based on how stories influence the way people understand various issues in life - in this case, dementia. For instance, do we communicate well with people with dementia, by telling them a story? (It depends on the person and the stage of their dementia.) But we communicate with their care givers and families with stories very well - particularly true stories.
Shattered mobile phone sends a strong message This may look like just a shattered mobile phone. But it's more than that. It's an allegory! It's the phone that 19 year old Luke put together for me months before the accident that killed him last December. He sat at the kitchen table working on it patiently asking questions like, 'do you want Messenger on the front screen?' and showing me how it worked. 'Switch on the security screen before you put it in your bag,' he sighed when I asked why the icons moved all over the place when I put it in my bag. After his death I particularly treasured that phone.
Put some rocket fuel under this agenda! If you watched the interviews on TV with Boris Johnson and Jeremy Hunt you will have seen their responses to the question about funding social care.  Jeremy Hunt said straight away that he would do it, and that he would merge the NHS and social care.
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