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Ageism affecting older people.
Caring for older people
Healthy living in old age
From the depths of dementia a husband calls out to caregivers As his wife holds him in his fights with dementia's night terrors, Norm's biggest fear is that he will injure and hurt her. He writes this post so that other caregivers like her will know that it's the illness, and not the person, and that they are not alone.
Is a vaccine for Alzheimer's already in plain sight? Israeli scientists say that the BCG vaccine used to treat bladder cancer, may prevent Alzheimer's disease.
Children’s school achievements almost double the national average in a project involving older people Primary School childrens' achievements almost double in project involving older people
Ageism - the spanner in the works that could halt a booming British economy The British economic boom may falter if older people don't stay in employment, as shortage of younger people entering the workplace increases.
Precious Christmas Cards lift loneliness Christmas cards that tell us we are important to others, along with the Christmas message
Thoughts for standing at the Gate of the Year Thoughts and hopes as we approach the New Year
How Holocaust Survivor's Christmas Cake celebrated life How a Holocaust survivor celebrated life by making a Christmas cake
Till He appeared, and the soul felt its worth ... Even the loneliest souls find their worth in Jesus Christ.
How can we help people who feel lonely, even in company? How 'love bombing' can help people who feel lonely, even in company.
Now we have the power to end the social care scandal We now have a secure government with a majority that means it can get things done.  We can be the lever that tips it in the right direction - each one of us adding a weight that eventually moves it. We can end the social care crisis.
Tips for a happy, safe Christmas with an elderly relative Tips for a happy, safe Christmas with an elderly relative
How a man on the edge of society knew he was valued, and now has eternal life.
It's official - 70 is the new 65
And these shouldn't be allowed to vote? Ageism amongst 16 - 34 year olds that would deny the vote to over 70s.
Doulas for the dying? New practice of doulas for the dying
How ‘Guarding your heart’ (Proverbs 23:4) could help to avoid dementia How guarding your heart, physically and emotionally, can help prevent dementia
The best Christmas gift for people coping with dementia Visiting a Person with Dementia
Worshipping Together - a new resource Worshipping Together - a new resource
How to stop elderly people being poisoned by overly strong medication?
God's amazing 'foolishness' uses older people to change lives God uses older people's characters to impact on others' lives just by being themselves
Is it really a compliment to say you look young for your age? Backhanded compliments for seniors that are ageist.
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